News - NOCHE and GLOBAL CLEVELAND Launch Ground-Breaking Advanced Recruiting Technology to Connect Businesses and Jobseekers

Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education ("NOCHE") and Global Cleveland, in partnership with WorkFountain, announce the Northeast Ohio Talent Exchange. The NEO Talent Exchange is a new matching technology that transforms the job and internship recruitment process and streamlines how employers and jobseekers connect with each other.

"It's time to bring cutting-edge technology to internship and job matching, which will improve greatly the candidate selection process," said NOCHE President and CEO Robert Briggs. "Personalized one-on-one interaction is now possible on a large scale with the latest advances in technology."

By combining forces with WorkFountain, NOCHE and Global Cleveland provide the means for job and internship candidates to match with the open positions that best fit their strengths.

Global Cleveland President Joy Roller said, "WorkFountain is to the job-matching industry what eHarmony is to date-matching. The interests and personal profile of the jobseeker are matched to the desires of the employer."

Talent attraction is a key challenge facing the business community, and NOCHE and Global Cleveland are pleased to offer this state-of-the-art technology platform to Northeast Ohio. The NEO Talent Exchange uses sophisticated matching algorithms to connect employers to jobseekers based on skills, interests and requirements. Using correlated question-sets directed to both employers and jobseekers, the platform systematically aligns talent with opportunity.

"For more than 10 years, I have been connecting college students with Northeast Ohio's businesses through internships, co-ops and jobs. This cutting-edge technology will simplify the recruitment process and facilitate high-quality matches," said NOCHE Associate Vice President Brenda Davis Smith.

The NEO Talent Exchange ensures that employers are connected to the most qualified applicants while jobseekers get matched to opportunities that best fit their unique profiles. Because the system provides unbiased, correlated matches, the playing field is leveled, and jobseekers and employers are exposed to each other in ways that they historically would not have been. Consequently, the WorkFountain platform maximizes employers' ability to reach a large and diverse candidate pool while ensuring equal access to opportunities for all job candidates. The system expertly collects and reports on powerful data analytics regarding employer needs and a candidate's career interests and how they align with real-time market needs and trends. 

The NEO Talent Exchange replaces and expands the NEOintern database, which advertised hundreds of new internship and co-ops every month. The NEOintern program will continue to offer business services for establishing and improving internship and co-op programs.

Since 2009, Northeast Ohio's brain gain has surged with a net increase of 92,000 residents with a college degree. With nearly one million college degree holders, Northeast Ohio is attracting and retaining top talent, a key objective of both NOCHE and Global Cleveland.

Briggs, who is also a director of Global Cleveland, said that the three-way collaboration among NOCHE, Global Cleveland, and WorkFountain made practical sense for promoting connections between talent and employment in Northeast Ohio.

Roller added, "NOCHE is a great partner in Global Cleveland's efforts to increase the flow of population by attracting talent to fill the region's open jobs."

NEO Talent Exchange is available at It is free for jobseekers. Job postings cost employers just $35 and internship and co-ops postings are free.

On March 25, NOCHE and Contempo Communications will host the region's fifth annual celebration of internships and co-ops, The Expys, honoring the best interns and internship programs in Northeast Ohio. Tickets are available at until March 20.

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