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Internships in Northeast Ohio

Perceptions and experiences among students and employers

NOCHE commissioned ERC (Employers Resource Council) to update and expand upon a 2009 market research study focused on student perceptions of internships.  In this version, employers and students both shared experiences via surveys and focus groups to examine the perceptions and experiences
regarding internships in Northeast Ohio.
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2015 ERC/NEO Talent Exchange Recent Grad & Intern Pay Rates and Practices Survey

Recognizing that interns and new graduates are critical to developing a pipeline of talent for ERC/NOCHE 2014 Survey CoverNortheast Ohio, ERC and NOCHE have once again collaborated to gather information from local employers about their intern and recent graduate employment practices. More than 102 Northeast Ohio companies and organizations completed the survey between February 17 and March 27, 2015. Internship practices data are reported by organizational size and industry; internship pay rate data is reported for nine positions and broken out by non-manufacturing and manufacturing industries. Recent graduate starting salaries are reported for 9 types of college degrees.

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Hiring International Student Interns

NOCHE and Global Cleveland produced a free online webinar featuring Margaret Wong from Margaret Wong & Associates, George Burke from Cleveland State University and David Fleshler from Case Western Reserve University with advice on simplifying the process of hiring international student interns.



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