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Internship and co-op programs are among the best incubators of talent at a time when the expansion of our regional economy requires more educated workers. A thriving Northeast Ohio economy will attract and retain the nation’s best and brightest talent, and internships are a key retention strategy. That is why an increasing number of organizations across all industries have formal internship or co-op programs. Organizations that have internship and co-op programs know that today’s interns are tomorrow’s top recruits. General Electric’s Manager of Global Recruiting and Staffing Services Steven Canale said, “If I only had $100 to spend on recruiting, I’d spend all $100 on interns and co-ops.” At GE, 80 percent of its 1,000 full-time hires each year come from internships and co-ops. Highly regarded as a leader in internship management, NEOintern has an extensive track record assisting employers with their internship needs.

NEO Talent Exchange offers individual consulting to assess your needs and design a custom program that supplements your talent acquisition and development strategies. Through our extensive network of colleges and universities, we can help you gain exposure and establish relationships with career services professionals and faculty members in a variety of disciplines. Contact Brenda Davis Smith at 216.302.3242.