Nomination Information for The Expys


Click the START button below to nominate a person or organization for The Expys 2019 to honor your choices for the best interns, supervisors and internship programs in Northeast Ohio. You may nominate as many people or organizations as you wish, but please choose the category that best fits your nominee and do not submit the same nominee under conflicting categories (e.g. Best Small and Best Large Company Internship category). It is advisable to be ready with at least two paragraphs describing why your nominee deserves an award before clicking the START button.

To submit additional nominations return to this page and click the "start" button to open a new nomination form. 

                                                                 The Expys Nomination Start Button

CLICK HERE to download complete nomination instructions (opens in new window). For your reference, a sample PDF of the nomination form may be downloaded HERE (opens in new window). 

Not familiar with The Expys?


For more information about The Expys, please contact Brenda Davis Smith at or 216.302.3242.



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